NEWS / 2011

Reuven Israel, Superpartners, Tel-Aviv Museum, opens 8 September 2011


Joint exhibition for painter Shai Azoulay and sculptor Reuven Israel. Azoulay’s work is an improbable and arduous journey to the summit of inspiration and creation, dealing with the critical moment of its revelation from a humoristic, skeptical perspective. In the series “The Artist in the Studio” and “The Desert,” the desert landscapes and Azoulay’s Jerusalem studio awaken to a fantasy-rich life, in a “journey” that begins with drips of paint and ends with a multitude of animated images.

Israel’s sculptures seem at first cold, closed and enigmatic, reminiscent of minimalist sculpture, but their seductive radiant color refers to pop art. His works derive basic forms from holy sites, combined with pseudo-scientific elements, thus transferring the sculptures from our charged, conflict-ridden region into a fantastic, magical dream world.

08-09-2011 - 09-09-2011