NEWS / 2016

Nira Pereg awarded the Experimental Cinema and Video Art Competition, Jerusalem Film Festival, 2016

Congratulations are in order for Nira Pereg  on winning the Experimental Cinema and Video Art Competition, that was conducted as part of the JFF, Jerusalem Film Festival, 2016.

Nira Pereg awarded the Lia Van Leer Award – donated by Rivka Saker – for her work ‘ISHMAEL’.

Following its premiere at Art Basel Features, ISHMAEL continues Pereg’s ongoing investigation of everyday rituals at the Cave of the Patriarchs, also known as Ibrahimi Mosque الحرم الإبراهيمي‎.  Under close military supervision, Pereg spent one whole day following the adhān – the five Muezzin calls to prayer from 4:00am to 9:00pm – documenting the exceptional circumstances in which the ritual is conducted.

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