NEWS / 2017

Leandro Erlich, solo exhibition, “Puerto de Memorias (Port of Memories)” at Neuberger Museum of Art, NYC

Argentine artist Leandro Erlich blends reality and fantasy, the playful and the profound to build architecturally-scaled installations that exceed the bounds of logic, creating uncanny spaces in which multiple realities may coexist. In his dreamlike installation at the Neuberger Museum of Art, Port of Reflections, Erlich depicts a serene nighttime harbor in which five colorfully painted rowboats appear to float, gently rocking, as their reflections seemingly shimmer in the dark waters below. His work sparks a sense of wonder as he transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Erlich is the recipient of the 2017 Roy R. Neuberger Exhibition Prize given to an exceptional artist for an early-career survey and monographic catalogue. A selection of models and photographs tracing the artist’s trajectory is also on view.
The exhibition will run through July 30, 2017.

05-02-2017 - 30-07-2017