NEWS / 2017

Leandro Erlich, solo exhibition, “Ephemeral Certainties” at Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Madrid


Erlich presents two of his most representative installations at the Ephemeral Certainties exhibition: Nest of Clouds and Changing Rooms.


The first, a sculptural work of subtle beauty, suggests a series of clouds that seem to float in the air, evoking the shapes of different countries. Playing with the fleeting nature typical of cloud formations and the recognition of specific territories within them, Erlich questions the concept of borders and their permanence.


Changing Rooms invites viewers to immerse themselves in a kind of magical labyrinth in which artificial mirrors throw back an image of other viewers where you might expect to see your own reflection.  Though very different in form, this installation plays with similar concepts to Nest of Clouds in that it invites viewers to question the functionality of a mirror and causes a rift between what the mind expects and what the eye actually sees.


The two installations provide a contrasting and complementary experience: while Nest of Clouds calls for calm and contemplative observation, Changing Rooms invites more interactive participation in which viewers are disorientated in search of their reflection.


February 22 – April 23, 2017


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22-02-2017 - 23-04-2017