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Ilit Azoulay incouded in group show at Musrara School’s New Gallery


PHOTOPOETICS explores the intersection of photography, video, art, and poetry. The project wishes to set in motion a discussion and exploration of the relationship and tension between the written word and the visual image. The experimental project is characteristic of Musrara Art School’s activity as a place for contemporary art at the heart of Jerusalem’s seam line – between East and West, a site of many existential experiences, identities and cultures.


Ilit Azoulay’s “By Mutual Assent” (2012) will be showing in ‘Placeless: Following Jacqueline Kahanoff’ curated by Irena Gordon as part of PHOTOPOETICS #8.


The exhibition focuses on the search for identity in the Mediterranean expanse, while looking at notions of Eastern and Western, antagonism versus fluidity and hybridity, belonging and not belonging, following the writing and thought of Jacqueline Kahanoff (1914-1979). A writer and essayist, Kahanoff sought to define multiculturalism as a world view and a way of living, long before the postmodern discourse. Her unique perspective was rooted in her autobiography and a reality of alienation, exile, and lack of place. The artists who were invited to participate in the exhibition explore, each in his or her own way, the possibility of presenting a personal voice and the ability to capture memory and cultural identity. The exhibition is comprised of existing and new works alongside Kahanoff’s texts.

Featuring: Hadeel Abu Johar, Ilit Azoulay, Sagie Azoulay, Mati Elmaliach, Rafael Balulu, Adi Brande, Dor Gues, Chen Cohen, Michal Heiman, Vered Nissim, Dafna Sahlom. 

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27-12-2018 - 24-02-2019