NEWS / 2019

Hello World: Closing Event

Techno Fertility, a performance by Ana Wild
Wednesday, June 26, at 8 PM, Braverman Gallery


Techno Fertility, 2018


Spoken word rhyming to fertility as technology and to feminine bodies as allegorical time-machines. Challenging common depictions of fertility, reclaiming its place in culture not only in a mythological sense – but as a sophisticated technology, essential to the future of humanity. Constituting images of a menstrual cycle and its charting as high-tech and futuristic, the work attempts to draw a radical feminist take of futurity and tech culture, while reflecting on notions of menstrual labor, childbearing and motherhood.


Ana Wild is a performance and installation artist. Her creative process is a form of studying; pursuing a materiality of knowledge, Wild assumes dispositions by which to render this pursuit: She is a mythological young-girl, a trespasser, a graceful punk, a middle-eastern thinker, a romantic scholar; Through her practice she creates circumstances in which sharing knowledge is at once a poetic deed and a subversive act. Her latest performance work, Worlds, a Canaan-Futuristic Song Cycle was produced by Hazira, Performance Art Arena in 2019. Wild was nominated for the PREMIO prize in Switzerland in 2019, and is a fellow at Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart (2018-2019). Wild is a graduate of DasArts, Amsterdam and of the School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem, and spends her time between Tel Aviv, Geneva, and Amsterdam.


The exhibition Hello World includes works by artists: Daniela & Linda Dostálková, Roy Efrat, Ruth Patir, and Hannah Whitaker. Curator: Adi Gura


“Hello World” presents a group of artists who, preoccupied with concepts of gender identity, respectively, explore and give form to their ideas in digital format. The works included in this exhibition question whether the digital realm indeed allows for the evolution of new forms of expression and the possibility for them to be present in our culture. The exhibition tackles accepted distinctions through questions of identity. It attempts at reflecting the concept of female-gendered technology while at the same time allowing it to take on many a form, in various imagined shapes suggested by its authors, the participating artists.

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