NEWS / 2017

Group exhibitions, “The Wax Museum: Approaching Celebrities”, featuring Dana Levy, “A Private Moment in Public”, featuring Anna Yam, and “The Path to Glory”, featuring Ohad Matalon, at the Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa

“AnonymX : The End of the Privacy Era” opened February 18, 2017 at the Haifa Museum of Art. This cluster of exhibitions includes six shows: “Street View,” “Under Surveillance,” “The Path to Glory,” “Sneak Peek: Voyeurism in Art,” “A Private Moment in Public,” “The Wax Museum: Approaching Celebrities.”


Dana Levy is participating in “The Wax Museum: Approaching Celebrities”, which focuses on works of art that correspond with wax museums featuring historical and celebrity figures that reflect our interest in watching famous characters.

Ohad Matalon is participating in “The Path to Glory.” This exhibit focuses on the modern celebrity phenomenon, with its ultimate sacrifice of the private, individual life, in which all means are recruited in order to satisfy the thirst for recognition, for a ride – as short as it may be – on the dazzling carousel of fame.

Anna Yam is participating in “A Private Moment in Public”, featuring works that capture intimate, personal moments, when the masks and defenses that people wear in front of the camera are removed.


The shows will run until August, 2017.

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18-02-2017 - 19-08-2017