NEWS / 2017

Gilad Ratman & Dana Levy (among others), group show, ‘Sinkholes’ at Arad Contemporary Art Center


Curator: Hadas Kedar


Keren Benbenisty | Sari Carel | Cooking Sections (Daniel Fernández Pascual & Alon Schwabe) | Michal Gilboa David | Ronny Hardliz | Nir Harel | Dana Levy | Yair Perez Gilad Ratman | Hadas Satt | Shiri Shalmy Santiago Sierra | Julia Wirsching & Gabriel Hensche

Performance: Dan Allon


The exhibition ‘Sinkholes’ takes place at the Arad Contemporary Art Center ninety years after a severe earthquake took place in the Dead Sea, one out of a long line of geological activities typical of the lowest dry place on earth. The exhibition explores a unique phenomenon in this region, as a result of an ongoing erosion of the underground salt-layer: occasionally the land opens its mouth and swallows stones, objects, roads and even people. The exhibited artworks deal with the primitive human fear of being suddenly sunken into subterranean depths. By inviting the visitors on a journey into the deepness of their bodies and souls, the exhibition creates a kaleidoscope our collective fears: trembling, sinking, swallowing, collapsing, extracting, phenomena that stimulate the power of our imagination. The force that created these dramatic holes – the annihilation of nature by mankind – produced a grotesque phenomenon that arouses repulsion, curiosity and astonishment. We may not be certain of the destiny of this dark creature, but we cannot doubt its rising presence in our day and age.


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02-06-2017 - 06-08-2017