NEWS / 2019

Dor Zlekha Levy “Shomer” Closing Event


A blurring of boundaries between memory and illusion, “Shomer” is a chance to become reacquainted with the Magen Avraham synagogue found in the Jewish quarter of Beirut. The solo exhibition will come to a close with a guided tour through the ambient audiovisual installation by Dor Zlekha Levy, followed by a unique musical performance by Yael Lavi (Qanun) and Aviad Zinemanas (Electronics). The musicians worked closely with the artist and together have designed this piece for this special event.

** The number of participants is limited, so please be sure to reserve your place in advance.


Dor Zlekha Levy
Shomer – Closing Event
Curated by Avi Lubin

Saturday, October 19, 2019
20:00 Guided visit
21:00 Musical performance

Hamidrasha Gallery
Hayarkon 19, Tel Aviv

19-10-2019 - 19-10-2019