NEWS / 2016

David Adika, solo exhibition, ‘Last Light’, Gallery talk, The Open Museum of Photography, Tel – Hai Industrial Park

Artist David Adika is participating in a gallery talk hosted on February 13, 2016 at 11 AM by Naama Haikin, at the Open Museum of Photography, Tel – Hai Industrial Park. The talk will take place at the exhibition ‘Last Light’, and will also feature painter Mosh Kashi.

The exhibition examines Adika’s use of color in his works, as part of his engagement with questions of political and social identity. The show will include 11 black-and-white works and 60 color works from different periods, displayed in a similar format in an attempt to enable the viewer to examine this principal which characterizes Adika’s practice.

Curated by: Naama Haikin.