NEWS / 2017

David Adika, group exhibition, ‘Operart’ at Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv


The Israeli Opera pushes the boundaries of the medium of opera with a unique and groundbreaking project marking the opera season opening: OPERART – an exhibition of artistic photography in which seven Israeli artists present their personal interpretation to seven operas that will be performed by the Israeli Opera in the 2017-2018 season.


The exhibition will open on Thursday, November 2nd at 20:00, at Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art, where it will be presented through 12.11.17, after which the artworks will be on display in the foyer of the Shlomo Lahat Opera House throughout the opera season.


At the basis of the collaborative project stands the desire to offer another layer of interpretation to the medium of opera through the eyes of contemporary photographers, and with that, add another tier of observation on the genre, one that is independent from the interpretations of the director and the conductor that will be presented on stage.


The participating artists – David Adika, Ori Gersht, Gilad Ophir, Pavel Wolberg, Naomi Leshem, Adi Brande, and Michal Chelbin – were selected in a curatorial process by the curator Nechami Gottlib  in collaboration with the Israeli Opera.


After selecting the opera that they were most drawn to from the seven operas that will be presented by the Israeli Opera this upcoming season, delving into its libretto and music, and meeting with the opera’s artistic team, each artist set off to formulate and offer his or her personal interpretation to the opera, in their unique artistic practice and language.


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