NEWS / 2017

Dana Levy, group show, ‘Migrating Stories’ as part of Screen City Biennial, at Stavanger Harbour, Norway


Dana Levy is showing ‘This Was Home’ (2016, 17’ 44” min, with sound).


About the Biennial:

Screen City is dedicated to presenting the moving image in public space. It explores the relation between the moving image, sound and architecture and presents artistic formats that seek to expand the borders of cinematic experience. Screen City was established in 2013 in Stavanger, Norway. From 2017 it will be presented as Screen City Biennial in close collaboration with local and international art institutions and organizations. The Biennial presents a new platform that works to explore uses of the moving image in contemporary artistic practice.


For the 2017 Biennial edition titled Migrating Stories, Stavanger harbor – its architectonic position in the landscape and its surroundings – will be an important focus for production and presentations of the art. The Biennial will present moving image artworks from a broad range of international artists in dialogue and conjunction with the urban sphere and context in the city of Stavanger.


About ‘Migrating Stories’:

Migration is a condition of our contemporaneity, a symptom of the world’s interface today. The plight of thousands of migrants putting their lives in peril to cross the Mediterranean and other geo-political borders in the escape from war, terror and miserable living conditions evokes the ways in which people, politics, history, ideas and personal narratives today migrate to new locations and dislocations, revealing the urgencies of elsewhere in our here and now. With Migrating Stories, the Screen City Moving Image Biennial takes contemporary conditions of movement as its thematic framework for examining the complex forms of transition in all its guises – from one place to another, from one state to another, from one memory to another, and from one perceptual state to another – as a general narrative to describe our human, cultural and communicative existence today.



12-10-2017 - 31-10-2017