NEWS / 2017

Dana Levy, group exhibition, “Surface Unrest”, MIYAKO YOSHINAGA Gallery, New York

Dana Levy is participating in the group exhibition Surface Unrest at MIYAKO YOSHINAGA Gallery, New York.

From the press release:

“A camera is generally considered as a freezing gun that shoots, congeals, and objectifies the moving world around us. Surface Unrest microwaves and defrosts these photographs in order to unleash the vibrant forces inherent in the trajectory of the images’ formation. While most of the time these innate forces are not visible, this exhibition attempts to reveal how they can shatter the photographic medium by intruding, swinging, fracturing, and fidgeting. In this exhibition of work by four artists, human figures take shape first as printed surfaces, and then as bodies transfigured into a video projection, a 3-D lenticular, a folded sheet, and a pigment transfer on stones.

In Dana Levy‘s Intrusions: A Ghost From The Future (2015), a video of a present-day public space in a historical mansion is projected onto four vintage photographs of the same space once inhabited by Mark Twain, Arturo Toscanini, and other distinguished intellectuals. The juxtaposition of the original rooms and the present space illuminate the layers of space and time.  In this theatrical setting, a ghostlike female (the artist herself) appears as an intruder from the future and gradually meets the past by touching the age-old walls, windows, mantles, etc.”

Jan 5 – Feb 18, 2017

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05-01-2017 - 18-02-2017