NEWS / 2016

Dana Levy, Coup de Ville 2016 Triennial, at Sint‐Niklaas, Belgium

Dana Levy will present the “The Wake” (2011), a Single channel video with sound, at the Coup de Ville 2016 Triennial, at Sint‐Niklaas, Belgium.

In The Wake, Levy explores the freedom that hide in such museums. The still butterflies eventually awaken and escape their cells. The work becomes a symbol of revolutionary awakening.
The deathlike silence of mounted animals, encased in glass dioramas in a natural history museum, is ruptured by a flock of white pigeons or Butterflies invading the museum. In this manner, the work creates a sense of tension between the animals in flight, which represent nature, and between the lifeless exhibits, which reflect man’s concern with ordering and categorizing knowledge – a human pursuit that involves sterilization and death.

Coup de Ville is situated at Sint‐Niklaas, Belgium.
Artistic director: Stef Van Bellingen
opens on 09 Sept – 09 Oct. 2016

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09-09-2016 - 09-10-2016