NEWS / 2017

Bracha Ettinger, public lecture, DAS Graduate School in Amsterdam


DAS would like to invite you on Monday 11 September 2017 to the public lecture of visual artist, distinguished thinker and psychoanalyst Bracha L. Ettinger. The lecture is part of a two day visit of Bracha L. Ettinger to DAS Choreography. The second day will consist of a workshop with the students of DAS Choreography entitled Carriance.


Doors open: 14:00 / Start time: 14:30 / Reservations: / Locations: DAS Graduate School Reservations: Attendance is free, but there is a limited capacity. Reserve your place with an email to: You will receive a confirmation when your name is added to the list.


Bracha developed a series of concepts for rethinking the Unconscious, including the matrixial time, space and gaze, and metramorphosis, which led to a new understanding of both the feminine body-psyche and the human subject. One of her concepts is the concept of Carriance: “Carrying is knowledge. Carriance is the symbolic relief for a Real of carrying and being-carried, and for its sublimation. In the Real, carriance absorbs the effects of depth-working of subreal strings and threads. While the one carries and the other is being carried, some conscience of carriance, a conscience that includes encounters and resonance of elements on the subreal level, is formed at the unconscious level.”


During the lecture passages will be shown of three videoart films: 1. Ein-Raham – Eurydice. Videoart film, HD, 19:57 min. in loop, 2014 [2012] 2. MaMemento Fluidus – MaMedusa. Videoart film, HD, 25:53 min. in loop, 2014 [2012] 3. Ein-Raham – Crazy Woman. Videoart film, HD, 16:06 in loop, 2014 [2012]




11-09-2017 - 12-09-2017