NEWS / 2017

Biljana Đurđević, solo exhibition, “Instrument of Activity” at Goethe-Institut, Belgrad

The showcase gallery of the Goethe-Institut Belgrad presents a large-scale work of Serbian artist Biljana Đurđević: “Instrument of Activity” focuses on the role of man in the modern consumer society. Half-naked workers are sitting on the machines and produce products that the company – and itself as producers and consumers – do not really need at all.
The worker is incapable of escaping from this system, constantly repeating the same work processes, and increasingly losing his strength, the vitality and the drive to break out of this cycle – his Memento revive, the hope of an improvement of one’s own life. Fatalism and the indifference to the externally determined life are the consequence.
On view through February 28th, 2017.

    03-02-2017 - 28-02-2017