NEWS / 2015

Anton Ginzburg, group exhibition, Specters of Communism, E-Flux

Anton Ginzburg will be showing his installation “Walking the Sea” in the group exhibition Specters of Communism  at E-Flux Exhibition Space.

Curated by Boris Groys

“Contemporary Russian artists are still haunted by the specters of communism. On the one hand, they do not want to close the utopian perspective that was opened by the October revolution and art of the Russian avant-garde. But, on the other hand, they cannot forget the long history of post-revolutionary violence, where artists are haunted by these specters in the middle of reality that does not welcome them.

…The exhibition includes the works of New York artists of Russian origin who also deal with the heritage of Russian communism. … Anton Ginzburg finds the traces of the gigantic “earthworks” of the Soviet time. … uses an array of historical and cultural references as starting points for his investigations into art’s capacity to penetrate layers of the past and reflect on the contemporary experience.”

E-Flux Exhibition Space

311 East Broadway, New York, NY 10002


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