NEWS / 2019

An Artist Talk with Ilit Azoulay organized by Omanut


Landscape and Memory  


Landscape, a word originally meaning the framing of an image, or the making of a picture, has gained in recent decades the attention of artists and scholars alike. In his eye-opening book, “Landscape and Memory”, Simon Schama for example journeys through “the garden of the Western landscape imagination” while exploring the topography of cultural identity. Landscape is no longer perceived as a beautiful static image, but as an expression of a cultural process. Throughout this process identities and memories are formed and become essential to our understanding of human space and of landscape.


Images of landscape and the role memories, myths, beliefs and ideologies have on their cultural construction, will be at the focus of two days of lectures, talks and screenings organized by Omanut (Nov. 9-10, 2019).


Ilit Azoulay will present her work Regarding Silences in a talk on Sunday, November 10, at 5:30 PM.


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09-11-2019 - 10-11-2019