NEWS / 2019

Border by Nira Pereg, an excerpt from her work The Right to Clean (2015) is included in a dual exhibition alongside numerous works by Keren Benbenisty in a unique exhibition space in Paris.

The notion of boundaries, physical and mental, visible and invisible, determinates the universe of man and his actions. Paradoxically, the meaning of things has a tendency to gravitate outside, towards the margins. Recalling Marcel Duchamp’s idea of “inframince”, these borders move constantly, disappearing and reappearing elsewhere. Tumbling at this very narrow line is part of Nira Pereg and Keren Benbenisty’s work, who, each in their own way, emphasise traces of time and space in their evocative artworks.

Border was recorded at the Holy Sepulcher Church of Jerusalem, frequented by the artist for several years in order to document the behaviours of its visitors and clergy. Displayed in a loop, only a few tens of seconds, the work shows a hand of a nun indicating internal borders of the church, divided between several religions. Documentary-like, Pereg’s videos transform public and private rituals into a performance where each gesture transcends reality and enters the sphere of the sacred. The simplicity of the scenography and chorography, the austerity and rigor of the framing refer to a pure minimal and abstract art, evoking her great master Malevich.

Pereg’s ouevre questions the real and the imaginary, the sacred and the profane, the eternal and the ephemeral, and their paradoxical cohabitation. Her works wish to tell a story of a space filled with its visitors’ spirits, where the past, present (and potential future ?) oppose and intertwine.



Anne + Art Contemporain

29 Ave Hoche, 75008 PARIS

An opening reception will be held on  Sept 10,  between 5 – 9p.m.
Exhibition dates: Sept  10 –  Oct 4 2019

    10-09-2019 - 04-10-2019