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Shahar Marcus, Arte Laguna 2012, Press Award, Congratulations!

The winners of the sixth, explosive edition of Arte Laguna Prize have been announced. With nearly 8,000 submitted works from over 105 countries around the world, this leading international initiative confirms its role as favoured observatory on the art world.

The Press Prize, ex aequo – which saw the presence in the jury of the editor in chief of DROME, Rosanna Gangemi, that attended the awards ceremony – went to Morris Minor, by the South African photographer Frank Herhold, and to The Curator, by the Israeli video artist Marcus Shahar.


On March 17, 2012, at the Venice Arsenale, it has been inaugurated the exhibition of the 110 finalists, on show until April 1. During the opening, the five winners have been finally announced: the two Italians Cristina Gardumi (Painting) and Simone Bubbico (Sculpture), the German Torsten Schumann (Photographic Art), the Spanish Luis Bezeta (Video Art and Performance) and the Chinese Amelia Zhang (Virtual Art).

Arte Laguna 2012 Press Award

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