NEWS / 2010

Oululu (Tell Him) A solo show by David Adika, EastCentral Gallery, London

East Central Gallery is pleased to present Oululu, the first London solo exhibition by the acclaimed Israeli photographer David Adika. Adika is known for his poignant and complex examinations of Israeli domestic space, in which he observes the tension between the two main Jewish ethnic groups, the Ashkenazi Jews and the Sephardic Jews. For his new body of work on show in this exhibition, Adika has widened his focus to observe similarities and differences between the Israeli Jew and the Israeli Arab, as well as those between Israel and its neighbours.

Many of the images were collected during the artist’s regular wandering of the streets of Jewish and Arab cities and villages in Israel. Some are of people and objects he met or picked-up along the way, within Israel and beyond it, in the surrounding Middle East. Long stays in different European cities have provided Adika with an opportunity to meet some of his neighbours/’enemies’ on neutral ground.  The exhibition will present some twenty photographs and two prints, which will be displayed in the different rooms of the gallery as a complex installation by the artist. The images vary in sizes and will either standalone or be grouped, on pastel coloured walls.


Opening times

Wednesday to Friday 10am – 6pm | Tuesday by appointment only | Saturday 11am – 5pm

20-11-2010 - 21-11-2010