PRESS / 2019

‘Maqamat’ by Dor Zlekha Levy included in The Best of Artissima 2018


It is worth stopping by Braverman Gallery of Tel Aviv, which, behind a black curtain in the stand that seems tiny, hides a very large space where you can admire an installation by Dor Zlekha Levy and the musician Aviad Zinemanas. The collaboration between the two brings back to life Arab music of the early years of the last century, energetic and contemporary, that was very popular in Iraq before the Jews were driven out to Israel where there was a ban on playing it.


In the same exhibition we also find some curious works by the American artist Summer Wheat. ‘Wrestling Snake’, a three-dimensional painting (even if it looks like a tapestry) painted with acrylic on wire mesh, in which an Egyptian image is seen but the figures of men are replaced with those of women; while Pulling Tongue of Snake, handmade in Sicily, is a ceramic tower that refers to an ancient custom, in which for every corner of each floor of the tower there was a flower, and the taller the tower was, the more its owner enjoyed prestige, except that here in place of the bases with the lions there are tender kittens and on top there is a figure of a woman, while shoes, hands and other drawings mark the rest of the artifact. 


Elle Decor Italia