NEWS / 2018

Screening of the “Johannesburg” episode from season 9 of Art21, featuring Robin Rhode



Braverman Gallery is pleased to be a participating host in “Screening Society”, a global screening program by Art21. This event will include a screening of the full “Johannesburg” episode from Art in the Twenty First Century‘s new season 9.


The episode tells the story of four South African artists from a range of ethnic backgrounds, identities, and generations working across photography, painting, sculpture, and performance. Collectively, the artists in this hour use their work to empower marginalized communities, reexamine history, and pursue their visions for South Africa’s future.


Among the four artists is Robin Rhode, who is represnted by Braverman Gallery in Israel. Rhode himself will attend the local screening on Novermber 18, 2018 at 8pm.

18-11-2018 - 18-11-2018