NEWS / 2016

Robin Rhode, Solo exhibition, ‘The Moon is Asleep’, SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah, GA

Robin Rhode’s solo exhibition ‘The Moon is Asleep’, opens February 16th, 2016

The SCAD Museum of Art presents “The Moon is Asleep,” an exhibition by Robin Rhode, who engages the wall as both an edifice of the hallowed spaces of the museum and as a symbolic boundary or border. Through actions and mark-making, the artist transcends the wall as mere surface or backdrop by way of performative inscriptions and drawing, embedding commentary that engages art history, popular culture and sociopolitical concerns. Rhode’s practice is centrally concerned with the act of drawing, as both a permanent and an impermanent gesture.

The exhibition, “The Moon is Asleep,” brings together a number of the artist’s approaches ranging from photography, animation, installation, sculpture, performance and works completed through community engagement. Rhode presents two new site-specific installations, both commissioned by the SCAD Museum of Art. One is a series of sculptures coated in crayon wax; thus, the objects are transformed into drawing implements. In a new development in his practice, the artist cladded two gallery walls with monumentally enlarged photographs.

Curated by: Storm Janse van Rensburg, SCAD head curator of exhibitions.


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16-02-2016 - 22-05-2016