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Robin Rhode, Solo exhibition and performance, The Sudden Walk, Kulturhuset Stockholm

Robin Rhode, solo exhibition and performance at Kulturhuset Stockholm

“The city walls are the canvas for South African artist Robin Rhode; the surface to which he adds his own stories. Kulturhuset Stadsteatern is proud to present the first major Robin Rhode exhibition in Scandinavia”

“In the work ‘Birdman’ 2014, a male character in a red striped suit and grey hat stands perched next to an enormous wing of a bird creating a subject-object dualism. The wing acts as the extended arm of the saxophonist, arm as wing, man as animal, as a form of Animismus. He stands as a flamingo would on one leg, wing outstretched, with saxophone gripped in hand, the character conveys an almost spiritualized link between man and bird with music being the cognitive force. The title references the Jazz musician Charlie Parker who was affectionately nicknamed ‘Bird’ or ‘Yard Bird’. Here music acts as a rhythmic source of inspiration to the ‘Yard’ as creative site, and ‘Bird’, the animal to which man, through mimicry is able to assume a sensibility to sound and rhythm.”

Opening February 14 through May 3, 2015

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14-02-2015 - 03-05-2015