NEWS / 2014

Noa Gur, Solo Exhibition, “Collective Identity”, Galerie Campagne, Berlin

Noa Gur | Solo exhibition

Galerie Campagne, Berlin

“The exhibition includes pieces concerned with arrangement and restriction of visibility on these platforms of display. A workshop filmed in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art as part of a school group visit involves teenage participants from backgrounds of migrant workers, that do not hold Israeli citizenship, drawing paintings and sculptures of early Israeli art, first by looking and then merely by listening to an audio guide. The guide illustrates the painting “Resting at Noon” as a radio play in the form of a staged dialogue for children. In it, a couple supposedly representing Palestinian peasants enact a dialog in grotesque Arabic accent. It lays the premises for a collective image of the native inhabitants and natural landscapes of Palestine which are portrayed as desolate and shadowless. While doing so, some of the prejudices through which Zionist settlers legitimize their ownership of the land are exposed.”

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