NEWS / 2015

Noa Gur, Group exhibition, ‘Freitag, der 13. | יום שישי ה- 13’, Circle1 – Platform for Art & Culture, Berlin

Noa Gur will participate at the group exhibition: ‘“Freitag, der 13. | יום שישי ה- 13′, at the Circle1 – P;atform for Art & Culture, Berlin. 

The exhibition “Freitag, der 13. | יום שישי ה- 13” presents a number of international artists in the context of a cultural dialogue. The works of the exhibiting artists illuminate varied perspectives on an object or matter, as is exemplified in the title and the opening date of the show, where the number ‘13’ can be interpreted either as an unlucky number or as a lucky number, depending on the cultural background and historical context.
Within the meaning of the title the exhibition deals with certain cultural, political as well as artistic, formal phenomena: with contradictions, paradoxes and contrastive pairs.

Participating artists include: Yinon Avior, Alexandra Baumgartner, benandsebastian, Matti Isan Blind, Ella Littwitz, Ronit Porat, J&K / Janne Schäfer and Kristine Agergaard, Johannes Vogl and Ulrich Vogl

The exhibition is curated by:  Hannah Beck-Mannagetta

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    13-11-2015 - 19-12-2015