NEWS / 2016

Nira Pereg, Gilad Ratman, ‘Staring Back at the Sun’, Video Art from Israel, 1970-2012, Artis

Nira Pereg and Gilad Ratman are participating in ‘Staring Back at the Sun’, an Exhibition and Public Program Touring Internationally, 2016-2017 Curated and Produced by Artis.

‘Staring Back at the Sun’  at traces the development of contemporary video practice in Israel and highlights work by artists who take an incisive, critical perspective towards the cultural and political landscape in Israel and beyond. Staring Back at the Sun showcases the work of 38 artists including many early performances, films and videos never before presented outside of Israel. Informed by the international history of video art, the program traces the development of the medium in Israel and explores how artists have employed technology and material to examine the socio-political status quo. Works were selected based on historical significance or context, with attention to equality in gender, ethnic background and age amongst the artists represented. Staring Back at the Sun is the first exhibition and program of its kind to present an ambitious historical and critical approach, spanning five decades.

Curated by: artist Yael Bartana, and curators: Sergio Edelzstein, Avi Feldman and Ilana Tenenbaum.

The exhibition is on view at Holtzman MFA Art Gallery,
Towsom University, MD
Through April 3, 2016

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04-02-2016 - 03-04-2016