NEWS / 2016

Ilit Azoulay, group exhibition, ‘Under the Press of History’ at the Jerusalem Print Workshop

Ilit Azoulay is participating in the group exhibition Under the Press of History at the Jerusalem Print Workshop. ‘Under the Press of History’ opens September 15th, 2016, 7pm.

Curated by: Irena Gordon

15.9.2016 – 11.11.2016

Under the Press of History is a group exhibition that summarizes a spacial project in the print workshop, which six artist were invited to create in various print techniques, works that are addressing memory and meaning through reproduction, dismantling and rebuilding of the narrative, image and text.

The artists are dealing in the option of creating histories as illusion, as theater, as a n act of shock or of healing. In the space there will be six installations that besides print will include video, photography, sculpture, drawing and more, and will form a discussion between the various bodies of work.

15-09-2016 - 11-11-2016