NEWS / 2018

Assaf Shaham, group exhibition, Drag Me Crazy as part of “The Dialectic of the Stars” at Ford Theatres, LA


Drag me crazy

Ford Theatres // 2580 Cahuenga Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90068
Sunday 18 February from 2pm – 8pm

2pm – 8pm: Installations and performance throughout the Ford Theatres by Scoli Acosta, The Lucky Dragons, Hoël Duret, Robert Karimi, Rafaela Lopez, Emily Mast, Alison O’Daniel and Assaf Shaham. No reservations required.

4pm – 6pm: Performances in the amphitheater by Emily Mast, the Lucky Dragons andRafaela Lopez. No reservations required.

6pm – 8pm: food, drinks and games by Robert Karimi.


Built in 1931 just after a fire, which destroyed the original amphitheatre, the Ford Theatres represents architecture of the Golden Age of Los Angeles. But no nostalgia is authorized. The reference to the Gates of Jerusalem affirms cosmopolitism and majesty, with some confidence into the future, but at the same time a certain kind of sham. And it seems pertinent to play with this false pretense. The Ford will be lightened by the air and full of invisible forces. In a meditative perspective, we could say that to breathe is to think on condition, to not forget air resistance, that is to say the force acting opposite to the relative motion of any object moving, what we call in fluid dynamics: drag.


    18-02-2018 - 18-01-2018